How PH Companies Can Remove Bottlenecks in Project Management

25 May

Project management is a systematic process within organizations that oversees the completion of a certain project from start to finish at a specified timeframe. This very definition of project management makes it an essential part of any type of business and industry.

Many companies have varying project management needs. Some are vendors or service providers to other businesses, such as Information Technology solution providers, marketing agencies, and design and architectural agencies.

Projects typically pop out among companies such as these because their service and product requires customization, research and analysis, as well as deliberation. 

Because of its lengthy nature, project management tends to lean more on the tedious side. Full of deadlines, changes in schedule, and compromises, this area in business needs a lot of time management, accountability, and preparedness.

How automation and digitization helps

Old processes of project management usually are done using several instruments to facilitate the entire process. Using calendars for schedules, spreadsheets for work assignments, and checklists for deliverables. This, along with the manual storage of documents, files, and information using hard drives or worse, paper.

Most often than not, project management is a prerequisite needed to deliver a product or service to your client. It is a no-brainer that investing in streamlining and enhancing the efficiency of this process is a must.

This is where technology comes in, particularly AI-powered applications such as M-Files for Project Management.

The old processes of managing projects using multiple tools and techniques can be removed altogether by putting everything in one digitized application that can be integrated across several other third party systems that an organization has, or is planning to get.

Document and Information Management Redefined

No matter the kind of project, every organization gets an influx of information whenever a project occurs. If it’s a company that continuously uses project management to deliver their product or service, then it’s even more important to document the project and store it for future reference.

With a Document Management System like M-Files, AI helps users to store, search, and work on documents based on what it is vs. where it is. By tagging documents through an intelligent metadata, the system can find any document in a matter of seconds based on its data.

For example, say Infomax had a project named “Project A” last 2019. In this project, there will be documents such as testing, data gathered, manuals, analysis, results, feedback, and more. All the documents stored here can be tagged under Project A, and further tagged depending on the type of document it is.

By doing these, the succeeding and past years will all be sorted automatically by what it is and not which folder it is stored. Typically, project management files are stored merely in desktop folders or hard drives, which causes information mayhem and loss of data. 

Workflows for faster delivery
Teams in-charge of a project must also work as seamlessly as possible together. Preparedness and organization is for naught when a team can’t function properly because of its members.

While emails and collaborative spreadsheets can help in alleviating miscommunication, M-Files for Project Management also comes with automated workflows. These workflows help route documents and files through your organization, depending on it’s customized.

For example, in a design firm, the designer usually creates a draft first. Then this is checked and annotated by the supervisor, until it reaches the director. This is a simple workflow wherein you will see the opening for revisions, comments, and annotations to come in.

The presence of those factors creates a larger problem when the process expands to a larger scale. Such as a project that involves third parties, multiple departments, and five or more employees.

Implementation and delivery gets harder when there are bottlenecks in processing the latest output. Using the application helps lock in the process and reduces human error.

Quick and easy to start using

The best thing about M-Files is that it is a templated solution that can be integrated to any existing process of a company right from the get-go. There is no need to start from the bottom-up or build the process within the system from scratch.

If a company is immediately looking to digitize and automate their project management system, it won’t take weeks to have everything already in place. Of course, the base template can also be customized further to meet the requirements of the organization.

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