Sales Interns (University students)

Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

  • Education Level: Collegiate (Must be taking official OJT units during current term)
  • Field of Studies: Sales, Marketing, Business Management, Communications
  • Required hours: Able to work at least three whole working days a week
  • Minimum number of hours: 200 hours
  • Preferred skills: High proficiency in oral and written English, collegiate understanding of business management, good administrative and clerical skills, basic knowledge on M-Office and G-Suite, confident in telecommunication.
I. Prospecting and Profiling
  • Provide research output on potential prospects that can avail of Infomax’ solutions and servicesProfiling of prospects by creating company profiles
  • Assisting in email marketing campaigns by doing templates and consolidating contact
II. Telemarketing
  • Providing inbound and outbound calls for Infomax products and services, and scanner inquiries.
  • Conducting follow-up calls for prospects and qualified leads which have reverted back to initial calls and emails
III. Administrative
  • Helping the Sales team by readying Microsoft Office template reports and inputting basic data to be checked by the Sales team
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