Global giant implements full automation of document lifecycle with M-Files

07 Dec

Infomax recently implemented M-Files in one of our global tech giant's operations to digitize and improve the workflow structure of its document management operations by integrating the M-Files workflow solution.

Automated document management systems are becoming an integral investment for many companies that require large amounts of files and documents to be stored and managed across their internal and external operations.

The Challenge: Improve process in proposal, contract, and billing

Like many large companies, our client faced several challenges in their paper-based workflow system, particularly in the management and approval of their corporate files and documents. Information storage without business intelligence and automation proved to be a big hurdle in establishing efficient management of documents.

Document Digitization: Paperless transition using M-Files 

One of the first steps of business automation is to transition into a paperless environment, as this kind of system promotes business automation and lessens physical requirements to enable documents to progress in a workflow. Some of these physical requirements include printed signatures, physical reviews, and approvals.

Using M-Files to digitize its documents, the client created a paperless environment that enabled employees to review and approve documents without the physical presence of the document or themselves. Besides the automation, resources were also greatly reduced as there is no need for physical storage and added resources.

M-Files Workflow Solution Benefits: From 35 to 15 steps

The recent integration of M-Files has significantly improved our client’s process from 35 to 15 steps. The drastic reduction of the manual process is mostly due to the new and efficient workflow structure that gathers feedback from different departments without any prolonged process.

Using email notifications as part of the M-Files workflow process, the document approval system provided appropriate feedback to the right department. In addition, M-Files made the workflow easily customizable for modification of recurring tasks across the company.

Through M-Files, the duration of manual processing has reduced significantly, with its workflow now being automated and customizable — allowing our client to meet current and future business requirements in a paperless system. The overall impact of this newly added software will allow employees and management to not just manage documents, but to also track step-by-step procedures with workflow tools — a significant upgrade to what was once a laborious and tedious process.

About M-Files

M-Files, a document management system (DMS) developed by the company of the same name, has helped dozens of companies across the world to achieve full automation of its document lifecycle. The automated document management system will be vital for our client in achieving the desired effectiveness and versatility for the company’s workflow structure — especially with the influx of documents and files that are handled on a daily basis.

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