Infomax sends delegation for M-Files' Compliance Kit Technical Training in Bangkok

30 Nov

Infomax Systems Solutions and Services Inc. has been an M-Files partner for more than 2 years, and plans for client acquisition is more bullish than ever. To increase its capacity for developing and deploying cutting-edge information management solutions across different enterprises, Infomax recently participated in the M-Files Compliance Kit Technical Training Course held in Hilton Hotel Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand last November 27-29, 2018. The training was facilitated by Tommi Rintamaa, M-Files Lead Technical Advisor, Teemu Keskinen, M-Files Lead Technical Advisor, and Johanna Juhola, M-Files Channel Account Manager for Asia. 

 Participants from Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam, Mongolia, Pakistan, Hongkong, China and the Philippines came to Bangkok for this technical training course. Mr. Joel Aldor, Solution Architect for Infomax Systems, was the lone Philippine representative who attended.

 The M-Files Compliance Kit is a set of tools designed to create more complex deliveries through configuration rather than customization. With the M-Files Compliance Kit, companies can enable a wide variety of use cases with simple configuration that offers you a supported upgrade path when keeping your system up-to-date. Complex business use cases that can be enabled using the M-Files Compliance Kit are the following:

Create complex document approvals: Taking control of your working copies and released versions is key when dealing with Standard Operating Procedures and other official and periodically updated content. Version Control module makes it easy.

Train your users: Organizations will be able to demonstrate compliance much more easily with training records of users self-training themselves on your various procedures. This combined with Electronic Signatures is a powerful way to comply with regulations and enable independent working.

Accelerate your system development: The Compliance Kit offers various tools to accelerate changes and development of your M-Files system to enable more use cases. This will ensure that the company gets more value out of their investment in a smaller amount of time and ensures their compatibility going forward as well.


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