Assentis CCM Solutions

Communication with your customers is perhaps the biggest key in a financial firm's sales and accounts management operations. With millions of people as your clients, customer communication must be efficient, effortless, and effective.

Customer Communication Management (CCM) is an IT solution which enables your company to digitally manage communication across a wide range of areas such as documentation, reporting, form-processing, and more.

Assentis Technologies, a Swiss-based IT solution provider who champions Customer Communication Management in the financial space, has been delivering bespoke solutions that transforms how the finance industry communicates and delivers customer experience to their clients.

Among many things, Assentis focuses on the following key areas of customer communication:

- Client Account Opening
- Portfolio Review & Investment Advisory
- Funds Management
- Reporting 
- Payment processes

These processes are time-consuming and tedious, but are essential in communicating trust to your clients. By digitizing these areas, you can eliminate bottlenecks, increase productivity, and boost sales.

Here's why:

Client Account Opening:

Financial institutions spend a lot of time optimizing their accounts opening process because this is the customer's first exposure to their service. It is a critical process that can make or break a financial firm's reputation.

This process typically involves a client filling up an application form, customer background checks, know-your-customer (KYC) and others before an account is opened. 

Using Assentis' customer communication management solutions, digitizing and automating these processes is made possible, allowing companies to provide a seamless, consistent, and effective customer experience.

Portfolio review and advisory

Portfolio reviews are often needed to be tailor-made to clients, making its very nature time-consuming that often burdens the relationship manager with tedious work that could be automated instead.

With the Assentis digital communication platform, advisories and portfolio reviews can transformed to enable easy approaches in creating required materials that are both accurate and complaint to regulations.

Funds management

Assentis products perform well in creating factsheets, client reports, internal reports, and PIB/KID documents in one centralized place. Updating and maintenance of content is made possible and easy to business users, while data is automatically fed in by connected business systems.  


Reporting financial portfolio data to wealthy clients is crucial and can be time-consuming. Each report must be individualized and tailor-made. Banks in average need 10 person days to on-board a new client in the higher segment.

With the Assentis solutions this can be done in one day by the business itself, without any IT intervention. In addition it enables the bank to offer a new digital channel for clients and relationship manager to dynamically visualize their portfolio data in a “self-service” manner.

Process payment

Based on the internal output management system (OMS) features, the Assentis platform allows producing mass mailings on physical and digital channels. Advice and statements can be easily updated in one place because the layout components can be created once and re-used in all different mailing templates.

For more information, visit the Assentis website to gain a deeper understanding in Customer Communication Management.