IIDENTIFII Remote Digital Biometric Authentication

IIDENTIFII Remote Digital Biometric Authentication

IIDENTIFII is a South Africa-based company providing world-class Remote Digital Biometric Authentication and Remote Automated Workflows for the Finance industry. The team at IIDENTIFII is on a mission to stop identity fraud by making seamless identity authentication accessible to everyone, everywhere, on any mobile device.

Identity fraud has historically been difficult to detect. IIDENTFII's remote biometric digital verification technology can authenticate and automatically on-board a person in under 30 seconds. Its algorithm vastly reduces false accept and reject rates, fully protecting consumers and businesses.

A simple three-step authentication process:

Identity verification can be done seamlessly and effortlessly through IIDENTIFII without compromising security.
Here are the simple steps on how the solution works:

Step 1 Take a Selfie
The facial recognition is 3D, proving biometric liveness that acts as the baseline for authentication

Step 2: Scan Identification Document or Card

Acting as a checker, an ID is scanned which acts as a second source of data for comparison with the selfie.

Step 3: Verify through triangulation

The third step is comparing the scanned ID and selfie image with relevant government databases. This is the final step to fully authenticate the identity of a person.

A more seamless and secure future

Businesses today must meet customers’ expectations of convenience, while safeguarding their profiles and transactions. IIDENTIFII makes it easier and safer for these interactions to happen remotely, and at scale. The process is contactless, fast, and most importantly, secure from any threats. This is what modern IT solutions should be: Remote, Seamless, and Secure.

Find out more on what IIDENTIFII can do by sending us a message at inquiry@infomax.com.ph 

Download IIDENTIFII Case Study:
iiDENTIFii Case Study - Standard Bank.pdf