Platform X

Platform X is a technology platform that seeks to provide “nimble, configurable, interactive, scalable and cost-effective” solutions for regulatory compliance. Next generation regtech automation platform enables financial institutions to remain in control of risk, finance and regulatory compliance, to establish integrity & transparency of results and adapt & respond quickly to regulatory changes, through a fully declarative, configurable and scalable technology framework. It is a unified platform for various regulatory compliance use cases available in both enterprise cloud & as well as managed services offering.

Interactive Computation
  • Explore multiple methodologies interactively
  • Make changes and see the results quickly

  • The data of millions of customers can be processed easily
  • Most complex calculations can be done with ease
  • Many teams can work on the system at the same time

Explanatory Power

  • Variance analysis across multiple dimensions e.g. time, methodologies, scenario
  • All outputs to be preserved for comparative analysis
  • History of Computations maintained securely

Self Service

  • Don’t need IT help to run calculations and reports
  • Ability to self tweak the model parameters


  • By full lineage and trace of results in a multi-scenario and historical context

Our Value Proposition

  • A unified platform meeting all the requirements in Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance for Banks & FIs.
  • Be ahead of the curve to meet you regulatory reporting requirement and management expectations with in-built predictive and explanatory analytics.
  • Huge cost saving by low infra requirements, ease of maintenance due to modular architecture and cloud deployment.
  • No-code platform, thereby ensuring complete Self-Service capability to the end users.

Our Solution

Platform X - Financial Risk

  • IFRS 9 - A comprehensive solution providing IFRS 9 functionalities; enabling clients to compute ECL through pre-configured methodologies and perform What-if analysis and attribution analysis in realtime.
  • Basel III/IV - A comprehensive solution providing Regulatory Capital Computation functionality; enabling banks to meet with Capital Adequacy directives and regulatory reporting requirements, with What-if and Attribution analysis.
  • Model Risk Management - A comprehensive solution to assist in identifying & managing complex risks associated with quantitative models through a fully automated model validation, monitoring, reporting and documentation process.
  • Balance Sheet Analytics - One stop solution to address balance sheet modeling requirements, internal and regulatory reporting requirements, with What-if scenario analysis using an integrated analytical framework.
  • Financial Spreading - Comprehensive solution for automated financial statement scanning and financial spreading, with the ability to generate comprehensive sentiment analysis and Quick Rating, all in one go.
  • AutoML - AutoML is an Automated Machine Learning solution to empower domain and business experts in banks to use Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for creating business values.
  • Integrated Stress Testing

Platform X – Non Financial Risk

  • Operational Risk Management
  • Third Party Risk Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Audit Management
  • Policy Management
  • Cyber Risk Management
  •  Business Continuity Management

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