InfoSuite: InfoAsset

InfoSuite delivers high value in creating a seamless automated system for your business' documents and assets. One of the three systems of InfoSuite is the InfoAsset - the fixed asset management.


A full web-based asset management solution dedicated to provide your company an accu- rate fixed asset inventory. InfoAsset helps your company maximize the company's deprecia- tion expense at the same time improves the productivity of your Asset Manager and Accountant.


Improved bottom line thru Accurate Depreciation calculation.


Minimize Asset losses thru faster and/or frequent Asset Inventory.


Manage Equipment maintenance by tracking equipment under repair.


REGISTER  Asset into the system generating a unique Asset ID and QR Code to be attached to the Asset.

ASSIGN/MOVE Asset location into the system and change when Asset is moved or assigned to someone else.

DISPOSE of Asset when it is no longer useful to the institution and flagged but not removed from the database.

PURGE Asset from the Database and has option to create a CSV record for future reference.

REPAIR when an Asset brought out for repair which status will indicated to the system. Additional info such as the Service Provider can be loaded into the system.

IMPROVE accounting rules, wherein asset can be improved thus extending the useful life to the Asset.


  • List of Assets Assigned
  • List of Repaired Items
  • List of Disposed Items
  • List of Improved Items
  • Asset Movement History
  • Asset Transaction History
  • Calculate Asset Book Value


InfoAsset adheres each company’s integrity, a user can be provided different roles and with different permissions.

System Administrator — This user who can create User IDs, roles and permissions and change passwords.

Asset Manager— This user who can do all the functions described in InfoAsset .

Asset Accountant— This user who can load in Account Information such as Salvage value, useful life and Depreciation reports.

Asset Inventory Clerk— This user who is authorized to upload inventory information from the QR Reader.

Note: An Audit log of all Transactions are kept in the database for viewing by the System Administrator.


InfoAsset brings you accurate inventory updates using information obtained from the QR Code at- tached on each Asset. The QR Code is being kept in the QR read- er until ready for upload to the inventory table.

This inventory table is then matched with the database, creating the following reports:

  • List of Missing Assets
  • List of Unregistered Assets
  • List of Wrong Assignee/Location
  • List of Matched Assets



  • CPU: Quad Core 2GHz + CPU or better
  • RAM: 16 GB


  • 64bit WinServer 2003/2008 -Crystal Report 13.0.4
  • MSSQL 2008r2/2012  - .Net Framework 4.0
  • IIS 6/7  - Google Chrome


  • CPU: Quad Core 2GHz + CPU or better
  • RAM: 4 GB


  •  Window 7/8 32/64 bit - FTP
  • Access Database Engine - Microsoft Sync


  • QR Printer (Zebra GC420t)
  • QR Mobile Scanner (Motorola MC2180)

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