Kodak Alaris Scanners

Businesses of all kinds want to make their processes more efficient, and Alaris offers the right technology to optimize workflows that involves paper.

Over the years, we’ve helped customers reach their digital transformation goals through image science innovation, our technology portfolio, and a global network of trusted partners.

The overall quality of our Kodak and Alaris brand desktop, departmental, and production office scanners consistently stands out from the competition.

Accurate and high-quality information capture combined with intelligent software and trusted Alaris services provide custom document management solutions designed just for you.

Check some of Kodak Alaris' product brochures by clicking on the links below:
Kodak S2000 brochure.pdf
Kodak Alaris i3000 Brochure.pdf
Kodak i4000 series scanner brochure pdf.pdf

Featured scanners:

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