Kodak Alaris Info Input Solution

Kodak Info Input Solution

Data Capture and Automation for Everyone, Anywhere

Digital Transformation Challenges

When organizations look to implement enterprise level capture and automation, they’re faced with an array of challenges. They must find innovative ways to handle the complex nature of fragmented office locations. With the influx of home and remote workforces growing, these locations often span across multiple countries, amplifying the pain points associated with digital transformation.

 Enterprise Level Complexity 

Each day throughout your organization, people use different devices and applications to capture business-critical data. The spectrum of capture needs is constantly expanding across organizations, requiring agile and efficient solutions. Legacy capture systems demanding high-touch maintenance are no longer an option.

These locations will also have made investments in enterprise business applications requiring integration. Having downstream automation capabilities without automated capture capabilities means you are only automating half a process. In a mobile world, work happens everywhere. This is where web-based capture solutions are critical to your success.

Kodak Alaris is where Digital Transformation Starts

Info Input from Kodak Alaris is like a conductor, directing your data from various sources across the enterprise. It’s a powerful web-based solution that intelligently captures, extracts, and delivers information to drive business results. This gives your entire organization the flexibility to connect people to documents, documents to processes, and processes to systems.

Web-based Automation for All

Info Input requires just a single instance in a single location, giving all users access to consistent automated processes through an intuitive web-based interface. It greatly reduces your IT workload and shortens maintenance time with the central administration of all users and business rules.

 Automatically turn volumes of scanned data into information that’s ready to use.

 “This solution has virtually 100% uptime, which is amazing considering we have over 6,000 users throughout the state responding to requests for vital services.”

– IT Director, State Department of Human Services

Extend your capture and automation to the edge of your enterprise

With Info Input Solution, you can easily capture complete, accurate information on the first scan. The intuitive user interface requires minimal training and reduces errors with one-button easy scanning from within your business applications.

Capture data using a mobile app or extract it from a variety of digital file types across your organization, even off-site. Intelligent features like classification, advanced indexing and extraction get information into your business processes quickly and accurately.

Benefits you can expect with Info Input Solution

Scalability: Grow with your data capture needs - from a single department to complex, high-volume enterprise requirements

Customer Satisfaction: Streamlined, efficient business processes empower your decision makers and increase customer satisfaction

Increased Productivity: Automatically determine document types and extract data without having to manually sort files

Reduce Costs: Realize savings in setup, maintenance, and software updates using web-based deployment and management

Enterprise Level Integration

In today’s connected world, integration and connectivity is everything. Info Input can be integrated into multiple business systems, which is key to driving productivity on an enterprise scale.

The process of digital transformation does not necessarily have an end goal, rather a constant state of opportunity that businesses need to capitalize on. That’s why Info Input Solution has integration into some of the leading document management, ECM and workflow solutions in the market.

Enterprise-level Automation that Scales with you

Changes in the way we all work have led to a boom in digitization efforts and the need for distributed data capture solutions. Regardless of your size, you need a flexible solution that goes to work for you.

Info Input provides a simple and flexible way to deploy and manage your information capture and automation systems. It transforms your data input sources in a distributed environment to improve processes across the enterprise.

Kodak Info Input Solution integrates with leading ECM, workflow solutions

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