Mobius by ASG

ASG Technologies brings peace of mind to every enterprise with information access, management and control for our customers. 

These solutions empower businesses to enhance workforce productivity, gain an accurate and timely understanding of the information that underpins business decisions and address compliance needs with improved visibility of cross-platform data from legacy to leading edge environments. 

More than 70 percent of global Fortune 500 companies trust ASG to optimize their IT investments. ASG is a global provider of technology solutions with more than 1,000 people supporting more than 4,000 midmarket and enterprise customers around the world.


ASG Technologies, a leading provider of solutions for the information powered enterprise, unveiled the newest version of its content services platform, Mobius 10.1. This release advances ASG’s commitment to help enterprise and midsize firms manage and govern the explosive growth of their information while accelerating their business transformation success. Mobius 10.1 helps business leaders and key decision makers lower total costs of ownership, mitigate compliance concerns and improve employee and customer experiences.

Significant advances with ASG Mobius 10.1 include:

  • Enhanced Content Management Services: Enables employees and collaborative workgroups to create and update documents with full version control. Documents stored in Mobius utilize a policy wrapper to govern content-driven interactions such as workflows, redaction and legal holds.
  • Sophisticated Information Governance Services:  Allows administrators to uniformly and concisely apply complex business rules to meet stringent data security, governance and privacy regulation needs, that are managed through a centralized records management and policy administration editor. This allows administrators to “set and forget” rules governing content access, view, use and distribution across Mobius and federated repositories.
  • Unified Content Federation: Empowers administrators to reduce content sprawl and uniformly apply advanced redaction policies to information automatically, or “on the fly,” through application-level integration for federating multiple content silos and information stores.
  • Streamlined Content Distribution Services: Arms developers with a unified set of REST APIs that support content distribution and workflows guaranteeing delivery across web, mobile and print channels.
  • Modernized Infrastructure Deployment: Simplifies deployment and maintenance of Mobius for IT leaders. Supports on-premises, cloud and hybrid operating environments through Docker container orchestration via Kubernetes.



All employees—regardless of location, role, or computing platform— require access to critical and related information that is typically scattered throughout an organization. Customers, partners and suppliers may also need access to similar information. By providing an efficient and easy-to-use user interface with reusable Web components to access that information, organizations are able to eliminate the use of multiple different user interfaces. 

ASG-Mobius View* is an intuitive, modern, user interface for the ASGMobius ViewDirect Content Repository. It does not require client Java applets and plug-ins, improving security, administration and maintenance. ASG-Mobius View gives Web developers the ability to quickly and easily add Web UI components to any Web application to search, access, view, download, and link enterprise content indexed and archived in the ASGMobius ViewDirect Repository or CMIS connected repository. 


ASG-Mobius View automatically reformats and Web-enables content without changing or copying original content for secure delivery and safe viewing. It can also open content that is archived application-specific for viewing with an external application, e.g., Microsoft Excel. Users can see multiple views of the same content e.g., by date, by time, and by customer without replicating documents. Documents can also be manipulated e.g., zoom in/out and rotated to further ease viewing documents.


Reports and Topic Indexes in the ASG-Mobius ViewDirect Repository are automatically organized into folders. ASG-Mobius View users can drill down through folders to browse and find documents or create a ‘Favorites’ folder for commonly accessed documents. Clicking a list of previously-accessed screens provides quick navigation. ASG-Mobius View also provides a trail showing users how they arrived at the current document or folder.


ASG-Mobius Web Components are ideal for organizations that need to retrieve and view content in any existing Web services-based system or application with business processes. Web developers perform the customization in the web pages directly, instead of Java developers doing the customization in server code that needs to be compiled and redeployed. ASG-Mobius Web Components are reusable making them deployable anywhere customers need access to content in the ASGMobius ViewDirect Repository.


• Delivers Web Components for customized user interfaces
• Converts documents into Web-ready formats
• Provides multiple views of the same content
• Comes with full-text search
• Allows searches to be saved and shared with multiple users
• Supports multiple Web Browsers

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