15 Nov

Infomax placed third among 50 participants in the Asian Development Bank - Asian Institute of Management (ADB-AIM) hackathon last September 2018.

The ADB-AIM hackathon event was organized by Ultrahack, a joint operation from Finland operated by Future Tournaments Oy, TKO-äly ry, and Digital Forum Finland. The event was held in ADB's auditorium and spanned two days with three different challenges. These challenges are as follows: 1. eHealth for Rural Asia, 2. Digital ID, and 3. Know-Your-Customer (KYC).

Infomax' four-man development team, led by Product and Development team lead Justin Goyanko -- finished third place among 50 entries in the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) challenge. The challenge was to create a working demo for ADB's KYC requirements using artificial intelligence (AI).

The development team of Infomax created a software dubbed "InfoDocs," a Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Hadoop platform for centralized document repository. InfoDocs also comes with a search tool to get meaningful visualizations and reports in facilitating International Direct Dialing (IDD) and  KYC.

The event reached its culmination during the finals night last September 3, 2018 where the Infomax Development team along with other finalists pitched to a crowd of 200 people which includes event sponsors and organizers.

Artificial intelligence is part of Infomax' expertise as exhibited through their products and solutions. The ADB-AIM hackathon gave the company the limelight to showcase their prowess in information management centered on the KYC business case.

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