06 Mar

In the era of digital transformation, the manual processes that accompany traditional banking can often lead to inefficiencies and customer dissatisfaction. Recognizing these challenges, our innovative solution, the E-Kiosk, powered by OutSystems, emerges as a transformative answer to streamline transactions and enhance customer experiences.


  • Manual Form Filling: The cumbersome process of manual paper form filling. 
  • Long Wait Times: Extended wait times in queues, leading to customer frustration. 
  • Manual Data Entry: Staff manually inputting biller information into the system. 
  • Crowded Branches: Overcrowded branches affecting customer service quality.


Harnessing the power of OutSystemsthe E-Kiosk is designed to revolutionize transactional processes within banking branches. The E-Kiosk can seamlessly process various transactions, including cash, debit, and straight-through transactions such as utility bill payments, PAGIBIG, SSS, and more. It is also equipped to handle requests for Manager's Cheques. 

OutSystems' flexibility allows the integration of API calls from diverse sources, including core banking systems and government web applications like SSS. Customer inputs, such as PRNs (payment reference numbers) and account numbers, can be easily processed and displayed. 

As a low to no-code solution, developers can effortlessly create web and mobile apps that seamlessly integrate with existing applications. Future enhancements include the development of a mobile app integrated with the E-Kiosk, promising an even more enhanced customer interaction and experience. 


The implementation of this E-Kiosk Solution offers a range of benefits for both customers and the bank:

  •  Reduced Transaction Time: Drastically reduces the Turnaround Time (TAT) for teller, non-teller, and straight-through transactions. 
  • Minimized Branch Traffic: Diminishes lobby traffic, creating a more pleasant and efficient customer experience. 
  • Time Efficiency: Customers no longer need to spend excessive time manually filling forms. 
  • Cost Efficiency: Reduces labor costs and enables more effective resource allocation. 
  • Revenue Opportunities: Opens avenues for upselling and cross-selling, contributing to revenue growth.

In conclusion, the E-Kiosk, fueled by OutSystems, not only addresses the challenges faced by traditional banking but also sets the stage for a more agile, efficient, and customer-centric banking experience. As we continue to innovate, our commitment is to drive the future of banking towards a seamless, digital, and customer-friendly environment.

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