Business Process Automation

Rocket Modernization by Rocket Software

The Rocket Modern Experience Hub provides a continuous solution for host-application modernization, emphasizing adaptability without disrupting business operations. 

The MX & Automation hub manages projects in real-time, introducing automation and process management to enhance oversight, productivity, and reduce downtime risks. It simplifies deployment, manages multiple applications and versions, and centrally administers settings. The hub also monitors and secures APIs. Integration with Rocket DevOps enhances application lifecycle management, offering deeper functionality for compliance reporting and efficiency.  

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Rocket Zena

Rocket Zena is an advanced workload automation solution that optimizes, visualizes, and automates end-to-end operational process flows. Deployable with Docker containers in hybrid IT environments, Zena simplifies the management of complex processes, reducing manual intervention and system downtime. It enhances efficiency, speeds up time-to-market, and provides full visibility into operations from a single console. 

With Zena, IT leaders can visualize and manage the execution of workloads, improving the quality and velocity of operational processes while lowering total ownership costs.

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Kodak Alaris Info Input Solution

Kodak Alaris's Info Input Solution addresses the challenges of enterprise-level data capture and automation, providing a web-based conductor for streamlined processes. With a focus on flexibility and accessibility from a single location, Info Input minimizes IT workload, ensuring scalability and boosting customer satisfaction and productivity. 

The solution integrates seamlessly with leading document management and workflow systems, offering a versatile and adaptive approach to enterprise-level automation in the evolving landscape of remote work and digital transformation.  

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INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution  

The INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution revolutionizes document management with a driverless, PC-less approach, streamlining workflows and improving productivity. It offers real-time acknowledgment, immediate exception notifications, and customized connectors for seamless Cloud integration. 

The success story of a bank highlights a significant reduction in invoice handling time, from 40 to 10 hours monthly, showcasing increased efficiency and streamlined processes. The Kodak INfuse AX Scanner, a key component, features a user-friendly control panel, wireless connectivity, and compact design for easy integration into modern offices.

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