Elevate Your Application Development with OutSystems: A Resounding Success!

OutSystems' webinar, "Accelerating Innovation: Unleashing the Power of Low-Code," held on April 23, 2024, was a resounding success, resonating with participants across Insurance and Healthcare industries. From seasoned developers to tech executives, attendees from diverse backgrounds converged on Microsoft Teams for an enriching two and a half hours.   

Among the 21 attendees, a remarkable 62% expressed satisfaction with the overall discussion from OutSystems overview, demonstration, use cases up to the discussion of Infomax Solutions Architecture, showcasing the positive reception of the platform.  

The webinar began with an insightful exploration of OutSystems' capabilities, showcasing its intuitive drag-and-drop interface for web and mobile app development. Attendees were impressed by its ease of deployment and application roll-back, bidding farewell to outsourcing critical projects.  

A highlight of the event was OutSystems' making development more accessible, eliminating the need for advanced programming skills and empowering in-house solutions. With SAAS options available, concerns about hosting infrastructure were comprehensively addressed.  

Real-world use cases illuminated OutSystems' transformative potential specifically for Insurance and Healthcare Industries. Dynamic discussions led by experts like our Solutions Architect Jared Amul and OutSystems Developer Carlo Inandan left attendees inspired and equipped to innovate.  

The webinar left attendees buzzing with enthusiasm, as they shared glowing feedback. They particularly lauded the seamless OutSystems development lifecycle, the engaging presentation, the live app creation demonstration.  

Joseph Goyanko, Jr., President & General Manager at Infomax, took the stage to showcase Infomax Solutions Architecture, earning applause. Attendees were thrilled to explore the suite of solutions Infomax offers, supporting their digital transformation endeavors. These solutions, including Kodak Alaris Info Input Solution, PreS Connect, Mobius, Zena, and Rocket Modernization, sparked considerable interest and enriched the webinar's content.  

To foster interaction, attendees were encouraged to engage with their peers, with enticing raffle prizes awaiting winners. This interactive element injected excitement into the event, facilitating learning and rewarding active participation.  

In essence, the webinar illuminated the remarkable capabilities of OutSystems, providing a potent tool for individuals and organizations to transcend traditional development constraints and embrace a swifter, more efficient approach to crafting innovative applications.   

If you missed this event, stay tuned for future OutSystems webinars and events – your chance to revolutionize your approach to application development may be just around the corner.  

To all participants, thank you for joining us on this journey. For those who missed out, opportunities with OutSystems abound, promising a future brimming with innovation and growth.  

Wanna watch the recap? Email us to request for the recording! marketing@infomax.com.ph