Webinar Recap - Unlocking the Future: Empowering Real Estate Innovation with OutSystems

On May 23, 2024, industry leaders and visionaries gathered for the groundbreaking event, "Unlocking the Future: Empower Industry Innovation with OutSystems," hosted virtually by Infomax. This webinar marked a pivotal moment across various industries, highlighting the transformative capabilities of OutSystems' leading low-code platform.  

The event attracted 22 attendees from 11 companies, each eager to explore how OutSystems empowers professionals to transcend traditional barriers. Central to the discussions was the seamless creation of customized applications for business operations, achieved in just weeks using OutSystems' intuitive drag-and-drop interface—a paradigm shift in application development.  

Interactive discussions enriched the event, fostering vibrant exchanges among peers. Positive feedback underscored the event's success, with 59% expressing satisfaction with the insightful presentations and engaging discussions. Attendees particularly praised the webinar's content, noting the informative talks that shed light on practical applications of OutSystems in various industries like banking, financial, real estate, insurance, construction, logistics and beyond.  

Key presentations by industry thought leaders resonated deeply with the audience. Solutions Architect Jared Amul elaborated on OutSystems' DEVOP capabilities, highlighting its role in optimizing development operations for efficiency and scalability. Carlo Gimutao, the Software Developer Specialist of Infomax, demonstrated integrated solutions with simplicity and precision, showcasing OutSystems' potential to drive transformative outcomes in real-world scenarios.  

Jared Amul also presented a compelling use case in construction, illustrating how OutSystems enhances project management and operational efficiency through streamlined processes and enhanced collaboration. Business Analyst Enzo Lomboy further showcased a transformative use case for real estate and identity verification, illustrating innovative applications that redefine client interactions and security protocols.  

With a diverse audience from leading companies, the event concluded on a high note. Participants left inspired and equipped with practical strategies to harness the transformative potential of low-code technology. As pioneers in the field, attendees departed with renewed vision and a clear roadmap to unlock the future of real estate through innovation.  

The webinar illuminated the extraordinary capabilities of OutSystems, showcasing it as a powerful tool for individuals and organizations to surpass traditional development constraints and adopt a faster, more efficient approach to creating innovative applications.  

To encourage interaction, attendees were prompted to engage with their peers, with exciting raffle prizes awaiting winners. This interactive element injected excitement into the event, fostering learning and rewarding active participation.  

If you missed this event, stay tuned for upcoming OutSystems webinars and events—your opportunity to revolutionize your approach to application development could be just around the corner. 

To all participants, thank you for embarking on this journey with us. For those who couldn't attend, countless opportunities with OutSystems await, promising a future filled with innovation and growth.  

Wanna watch the recap? Email us to request for the recording! marketing@infomax.com.ph