Webinar Recap: Exploring PReS Connect - Revolutionizing Customized Digital Communications

On June 15, 2023, a highly informative and successful webinar titled "Exploring PReS Connect - Revolutionizing Customized Digital Communications" took place, leaving attendees from various industries inspired by the groundbreaking capabilities of PReS Connect. Developed by Upland Software, this cutting-edge, high-performance platform has transformed the landscape of customer engagement, streamlining communication processes and elevating organizations' ability to connect with their customers.

We were delighted to have 18 attendees from diverse sectors, including banking, real estate, financial services, insurance, and manufacturing. The presence of professionals from these industries added immense value to the webinar, as they raised valuable questions and provided positive feedback that greatly contributed to the event's success.

The webinar garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback from 83% of the participants expressing their utmost satisfaction and enthusiasm for the new technology and software they had the opportunity to learn about.

One aspect that stood out and resonated with the attendees was the abundance of informative content delivered throughout the webinar in the form Use Cases for various industries. They appreciated the depth of knowledge shared and found great value in exploring the capabilities of PReS Connect.

A particular highlight for the participants was the use of PReS Connect for handling high-volume documents, such as Statements of Account for financial institutions. Another Use Case is the use by Lazada and Shopee to generate, consolidate and reconcile airway bills and pick list and update of their Accounting System.

The event's management and presentation style also received high praise from the attendees. The seamless organization of the webinar and the professionalism demonstrated by the speaker, Ken Chan, Sales Regional Manager at Upland Software, left a lasting impression. The clear and concise delivery of information, coupled with the utilization of high-quality graphics and detailed explanations, ensured that the attendees could easily grasp the concepts presented. The precise and informative format of the demonstrations on document management systems (DMS) was particularly commended for its ability to convey complex ideas in a user-friendly manner.

As the positive feedback from the attendees demonstrates, the webinar on PReS Connect was a resounding success. The knowledge gained, combined with the enthusiasm and inspiration sparked among the participants, solidifies the platform's position as a game-changer in the realm of customized digital communications. Organizations from diverse industries now have a powerful tool at their disposal to transform their communication processes and achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency.

Infomax Systems Solutions & Services, Inc. would also like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the lucky winners of the raffle draw. Your participation and engagement during the event were truly appreciated, and we are thrilled that you have been rewarded for your enthusiasm. We sincerely hope that the knowledge gained during the webinar, coupled with the excitement of winning, will inspire you to explore further the possibilities offered by PReS Connect and continue revolutionizing your organization's customized digital communications.