Recap of "Driving Digital Transformation Forward with OutSystems: Leveraging the Low-Code Development Advantage" Webinar

Experience the OutSystems webinar that ignited creativity and boosted the pace of app development. We present a concise recap of this exclusive event that empowered attendees to craft inventive apps using OutSystems. Let's revisit the key insights and opportunities from the webinar.

On October 5, 2023, from 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM, we gathered virtually via Microsoft Teams to explore the remarkable capabilities of OutSystems, the leading low-code development platform reshaping app development across industries.

We welcomed Development Heads, CTOs, CIOs, IT Managers, Business Development Heads, Project Managers, and anyone intrigued by the potential of low-code tech. Attendees hailed from sectors like Insurance, Banking, Financial Services, Retail, Logistics, Construction, and Pre-need Life Plans. Out of 28 attendees, an impressive 68% provided positive feedback on the demo and presentation of OutSystems.

The attendees were enthusiastic about the webinar and shared positive feedback, emphasizing their appreciation for the ease of the OutSystems development lifecycle, the informative and engaging presentation, the live demonstration of app creation, and the effectiveness of the Q&A sessions.

Joseph Goyanko, Jr., President & General Manager at Infomax, shared Infomax Solutions Architecture, which garnered applause. Attendees were glad to learn about the array of solutions that Infomax can offer, supporting their digital transformation efforts. These solutions included Kodak Alaris Info Input Solution, PreS Connect, Mobius, Zena, and Rocket Modernization, which piqued the attendees' interest and added to the wealth of information shared during the webinar.

For the attendees to have an interactive experience, they were encouraged to engage with peers, with enticing raffle prizes up for grabs. This interactive aspect added excitement to the event, enabling learning and rewarding participation.

In summary, the webinar unveiled the incredible capabilities of OutSystems, providing a powerful means for individuals and organizations to break free from traditional development limitations and adopt a faster, more efficient method for creating innovative applications. If you couldn't attend this event, keep an eye out for upcoming OutSystems webinars and events – the next one might be your opportunity to revolutionize your approach to application development.