02 May

In today's financial landscape, convenience is king, yet traditional banking often falls short, leaving customers frustrated and engagement dwindling. But in the face of these challenges, we've unleashed a game-changer: InfoFinance. Developed with Outsystems, InfoFinance isn't just an app; it's a seismic shift in how you handle your money.  


In the dynamic landscape of modern finance, the demand for seamless, convenient banking experiences has never been higher. Yet, traditional banking systems often struggle to meet these expectations, leading to limited customer convenience, reduced engagement, and operational inefficiencies. Faced with these challenges and the competitive pressures of the financial industry, we recognized the urgent need for innovation.  


To tackle these issues head-on, we turned to technology. Leveraging the power of Outsystems, we developed InfoFinance Template – a cutting-edge mobile application designed to transform the way customers interact with their finances. InfoFinance isn't just another banking app; it's a comprehensive solution that addresses the pain points of modern banking.  

With InfoFinance, users can access a wide range of banking services right at their fingertips. From checking their account balances to transferring funds and paying bills, all essential banking activities are now conveniently available through a single app. But we didn't stop there.  

InfoFinance goes beyond traditional banking functionalities by introducing innovative features such as asset bidding. Through the app, users can participate in auctions for repossessed assets, revolutionizing the way these transactions are conducted. Users can browse available assets, submit bids, and track the status of their bids – all within the InfoFinance ecosystem. 

The streamlined bidding process ensures transparency and efficiency. Users can view detailed information about each asset, including its location, and submit the necessary documentation directly through the app. Once a bid is submitted, our system automatically reviews the application, facilitating a swift and fair decision-making process.  


The impact of InfoFinance has been profound, delivering tangible benefits to both our customers and our organization:  

  • Expanded Bidders: By introducing asset bidding capabilities, we have attracted a broader pool of bidders, enhancing competition and driving better outcomes for all parties involved.  
  • Cost Savings and Operational Efficiency: InfoFinance has significantly reduced manual processes, leading to cost savings and operational efficiency gains. With streamlined transaction workflows, we can allocate resources more effectively, freeing up time and resources for strategic initiatives. 
  • Reduced Time to Disposal and Increased Recovery Rate: The efficiency of the bidding process has reduced the time to disposal for repossessed assets, maximizing their value and increasing the recovery rate for the bank. 
  • Competitive Edge: InfoFinance has positioned us as a leader in the financial industry, offering a differentiated banking experience that sets us apart from the competition. Our innovative approach to mobile banking has garnered attention and admiration, cementing our position as a forward-thinking financial institution. 

In summary, InfoFinance is more than just a mobile wallet app – it's a game-changer for the banking industry. By embracing technology and innovation, we are reshaping the future of finance, one transaction at a time.  

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